Woman feeding a dog with product sampling snacks

The Sampl difference

Sampl helps pet brands deliver tangible results and better engagement through targeted product sampling campaigns.

Petcare online sampling

Getting samples to the right audiences

Sampl ensures that your samples reach pet parents that are open to introducing new foods to their pets, ensuring sampling is efficient and sustainable

Build brand affinity

Use multiple touch points to educate pet parents about your brand and values, whilst their pet babies get to enjoy your products

Provide a clear path to purchase

Drive conversion post-trial via multiple touchpoints and provide a clear path to purchase, whether online or in-store

Generate actionable insight & data

Capture genuine reviews and feedback from which to draw actionable insight, whilst gaining first party data and marketing consent en-masse.

Trusted by many of the world's leading brands

Target audience

Get your samples to your target audience

  • Integrate with digital media to drive product discovery and get your samples to pet parents that are open to introducing their pets to new foods and treats
  • Allow people to select their preferred option or the one their pet is most likely to enjoy, increasing the likelihood of success and conversion
Woman feeding a dog with product sampling snacks
Sampling notification

Build brand affinity & drive LTV

  • Use multiple touch points to drive familiarity with your brand and get people buying into your purpose for longer term impact
  • Provide a clear path to purchase and to drive conversion and create loyal customers with substantial lifetime value
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Capture genuine reviews & UGC

  • Create bespoke surveys to learn more about your audience, products, brand and competitors, unlocking valuable actionable insights
  • Support new launches with genuine, well thought-out reviews captured at scale and syndicated to your retail partners seamlessly
Pet mom
Insights Pet parent profile

Grow your CRM with rich profiles

  • Future-proof your marketing strategy with marketing opt-ins from highly engaged pet parents and create long-lasting relationships
  • Capture rich data at every interaction to enhance your ability to deliver relevant, engaging content across your customer platforms

Pet care case studies

Check out some of our recent work with pet care brands to see how Sampl can help you achieve your objectives.

  • Driving conversion

Lily's Kitchen

With a lack of events making it difficult reach pet parents offline and over-saturation in other pet focused sampling options, Lily’s needed to work hard to reach new pet parents and bring them into the Lily’s Kitchen fold.

  • Educating, nurturing & inspiring consumers
  • First party data

Laughing Dog

Being a fairly unknown brand in the UK market, Laughing Dog identified the need to grow brand awareness along with their CRM database.

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