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How we grew Skin Food Reviews by 4,000% for Weleda

The challenge

Ahead of the launch of a brand new TV ad for their signature product, Skin Food, Weleda wanted to collect reviews to display on their D2C website. With the TV advertising due to go live nationally later in the year, it was important to have a greater amount of recent reviews to drive conversion once the activity was live. At the time, Weleda only had 16 reviews on their website for the product, only two of which had been left in the last 6 months. Additionally, with brand awareness in the UK market being seen as low, it was important for Weleda to drive trial amongst the product’s target audience.

weleda skin food product sampling

The solution

To help grow brand awareness in the UK, Facebook and Instagram (Meta) ads were used to target a broad skincare audience. Using Meta’s native lead generation forms, consumers were asked for the information needed to send them a sample, and Sampl collected the data using a custom API integration. The data flowed seamlessly into Sampl to be cleansed, validated and processed ready for sample dispatch, without the need for any tech resource. Once consumers had received their Sampl and had time to use it they were invited to leave a review via Sampl, which could be seamlessly integrated with Weleda’s reviews platform.

weleda skin food sales email

The results


Would recommend


Increase in # reviews


Already purchased

The campaign grew the number of reviews for Skin Food on Weleda’s D2C website by over 4,000%, from 17 to 781. While a high quantity of reviews was generated, the average of 24 words / 106 characters demonstrates that these were also high quality, detailed reviews too.

The Meta ads reached over 60,000 people, helping to grow brand awareness ahead of the launch of the TV advertising. Of those that received a sample, 24% said that they had purchased the product since receiving it and a further 61% indicating that they definitely or probably would

‘A big thank you to the team at Sampl for helping us with our Skin Food sampling campaign. Our main objective was to land samples in consumers hands ahead of our new TV campaign, but Sampl have helped deliver so much more! Working with the team was really easy – they are efficient and super organised. We’re delighted with the results of the campaign – from the data and insights we collected, the reviews we got, and the fact that 10,000 consumers now have our amazing product in their hands!’
Nicola Truswell, Head of Trade Marketing, Weleda UK

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