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Online sampling partner
Online sampling partner
Online sampling partner
Online sampling partner
Online sampling partner

Our platform helps you achieve product sampling success in four key areas:


Get your samples to people that fit your audience and have genuine desire for your product, avoiding over-saturation.


Put your brand centre stage and be in control, creating experiences that live-long in the memory.


Deliver campaigns that deliver meaningful impact whilst creating relationships with consumers for greater ROI.


Know what’s happening at every step with real-time reporting so you can learn and optimise on-the-fly.

We’re in this together

Our team of product sampling experts will help you get the best results from your sampling campaigns and smash your goals.

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Get your samples to your target audience

  • Integrate Sampl with your digital media to let your target audience request a sample via your ads and posts, or those of your media partners.
  • Use Sampl to automatically cleanse and validates requests, ensuring the highest level of data quality whilst identifying and filtering out people just out for a freebie.
highly engaging product sampling experiences
Product sample

Create highly engaging product sampling experiences

  • Build on your digital engagement and get the right people experiencing your products in the best way.
  • Create multi-touch, personalised product sampling campaigns to enrich the sampling experience and move consumers through your funnel.
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Capture genuine reviews & UGC

  • Use sampling to create brand advocates and capture reviews that can be syndicated across thousands of retailers.
  • Boost conversion on your product listings and improve discoverability with helpful peer reviews.
Rich CRM data and insight
Online sampling data

Unlock rich CRM data and insight

  • Capture marketing opt-ins from highly engaged consumers, enriched with demographics, preferences and behaviours.
  • Uncover actionable insights using Sampl's analytics tools to help optimise your budget and maximise the impact of your campaigns.

Four steps to sampling success

Create your campaign

Define your audience, create your touchpoints and allocate samples.

Launch it

Integrate your channels and launch your ads.

Ship your samples

We deliver your samples to approved consumers, wherever they are.

Drive conversion and advocacy

Products are experienced as they’re meant to be, for the greatest impact.

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Product sampling, everywhere

Our integrated fulfilment network means you can get your product samples delivered to consumers in more than 35 countries. We can take care of every aspect of your product sampling campaigns.




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