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How Cadbury harnessed digital product sampling to drive trial

The challenge

Launching Nuttier to gain share of the on-the-go, healthier snacking category, Cadbury sought to drive trial amongst their loyal fan-base and recruit new consumers in the health and fitness space.

The solution

A combination of email activation to invite existing subscribers to request a sample, Facebook adverts to reach new audiences with Nuttier, and a brand partnership with Frame gyms to reach their members. The campaign ran across the UK and Ireland.

Sampl processed the requests to prevent samples being sent to people who were just looking for a freebie and were unlikely to engage with the campaign. Samples were prepared and shipped, with a follow-up survey inviting recipients to review the product.

The results


New reviews


Marketing opt-ins


Purchase intent

The campaign reached 45,000 consumers and achieved all brand objectives. With 86% of consumers liking and 93% recommending the bars, the campaign showed the success in reaching the right audience. Additional insights helped to identify segments rating the bars most highly and when/why people are most likely to purchase, which will help with future positioning.

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