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How we helped Manilife with their healthy eating campaign

The challenge

Manilife gained a new listing in Sainsbury’s and were seeking to drive footfall into store and boost sales during January when consumers are seeking to establish healthier habits.

Peanut butter for sampling

The solution

Manilife’s audience was targeted across Instagram to introduce the brand, highlight what makes Manilife hands down the best peanut butter around, and invite them to request a sample. Sampl handled data capture and order approval, ensuring that samples were only shipped to people that lived near to a Sainsbury’s store in which the brand was available on promotion. Samples were shipped for delivery in the first week of January, with a timely follow-up email providing directions to each recipient’s local Sainsbury’s store where they could purchase a full-sized product on promotion.

Product sampling email

The results


Enjoyed their sample


Uplift in rate of sales


Purchased within 2 weeks

The campaign smashed all the targets Manilife had, delivering a 40% increase in rate of sale in the targeted stores, showing the power of Sampl’s NearStore capability. With 20% of people claiming to have purchased within 2 weeks of receiving the sample and a wealth of other useful feedback collected, the campaign delivered far more than just an increase in sales.

As a peanut butter lover, I’ve tried many. This is hands-down the best I’ve ever hard. The right mix of creamy and crunchy and packed with flavour. Can’t get enough of it it!

I used to hate peanut! I refused to eat it! But that all changed when I tried ManiLife it’s now my favourite food.

This peanut butter is unbelievably tasty. I first tried it after being recommended it by a friend, now my whole family are converted too.

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