5 reasons to use product sampling to support an NPD

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March 16, 2022

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Calling all brand managers – do you have an NPD coming soon? If the answer is yes, then keep reading… There are many benefits to product sampling campaigns, and many of these are a fantastic way to support an NPD. Whether you’re wanting to generate new reviews for a product which doesn’t have any yet or simply looking to support sales, here are our top 5 reasons to use product sampling to support an NPD.


Generating reviews

Product reviews are a huge part of the consumer purchase funnel. 9 out of 10 consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. In order to support the consideration stage of the purchase funnel for your NPD, you’ll need to make sure you have a good number of reviews ahead of launch. Campaigns run through Sampl generate reviews that can be seamlessly integrated with leading review platforms. Run a secret sampling campaign to a highly targeted audience and you can time your reviews to coincide with the launch of your product, without revealing all to your competition.   


Product awareness

This one’s obvious, but also vitally important. In order for people to purchase your product, they first have to be aware that it exists. This of course is the biggest benefit of growing product awareness, but where does sampling come in? 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth recommendations as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. And in order to truly recommend a product, people will need to have tried it first. Additionally, on average over 80% of consumers requesting samples through campaigns run via Sampl state that they would recommend the product, further demonstrating how beneficial sampling can be when growing product awareness. 


Driving trial among your target audience

With 55% of consumers staying loyal to a brand if they love a product, it can be difficult to break into loyal markets with new products. One way to tackle this is by driving trial among your target demographic. By offering your target consumers the chance to sample the product for free, this enables them to try a new product without having to commit to a full-size purchase. Giving you the opportunity to supplant your competition and take centre stage as their new favourite product. And not to mention, acquire a new customer in the process. 


Build data-rich customer profiles

When launching an NPD, it’s sometimes hard to be sure about the target customer’s interests and lifestyle. Sampl empowers you to build data rich profiles on your target consumers and uncover consumer insights such as favourite places to shop, top social media platforms, lifestyle preferences, etc. You can use these insights to better understand your audience and ultimately make your marketing more effective and efficient. 


Driving sales

On top of all of the above benefits which will ultimately support sales, the sampling activation itself will too. Campaigns run through Sampl offer multiple consumer touch points. All of these direct consumers to your D2C or retailer’s website with trackable links, pushing consumers into your purchase funnel. Get your samples to the right people, give them a great experience and tempt them into converting. Bingo. 


For more information on how Sampl can support your NPD launch, drop us a line on sayhello@sampltech.com or click here to contact us. For more inspiration, follow us on LinkedIn.

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Wade Frith

Wade is the Head of Growth at Sampl based in bustling London. A go-to expert in social media strategy and content marketing, he loves guiding our clients through setting up a campaign and coming up with new Marketing Strategies. You can usually find him binge-watching a Netflix reality show or listening to a vintage vinyl record.

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