Holiday sampling: why you should do it and how to get started

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March 11, 2022

Holiday sampling

We’re often asked what’s the best possible time to launch a sampling campaign. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, one thing is certain: there’s huge opportunity for digital sampling during holiday seasons. As people are looking for presents or new products, they’ll often be eager to try something new. So, whether your goal is to capture reviews that can be syndicated across thousands of retailers, capture marketing opt-ins from highly engaged consumers, or launching a brand-new product in a potential new market, if you have the right strategy and timing, the benefits of digital sampling are endless.

We’ve put together a guide on how you can strategically plan your sampling campaigns around some of the most important events of the year. The bottom line? An average of 85% of consumers indicate that they intend to purchase a product after a sampling campaign. So, these campaigns are certainly worth investing in.

Sampl’s tip: To keep your products in the minds of your audience before they make their seasonal purchasing decisions, we recommend that you plan your sampling campaign at least four months ahead. Here are the top events happening soon in 2022…

Mother’s Day Sampling (USA)

If you’re planning a sampling campaign to coincide with Mother’s Day, you better start ASAP! Celebrated in the USA and in many other countries on May 8th, this holiday is a great opportunity to push a product that can be purchased as a gift. No matter whether you’re looking to target a new audience, collect genuine reviews of your product, or market an NPD, sampling campaigns can serve all your needs.

Our top pick for the perfect 2022 gift for all the mummies? Fragrance! It’s the perfect way to create new moments or give someone the scent that takes them back to a special place. According to a new report from NPD’s Jacquelyn Wenskus, 19% of Mother’s Day gift buyers buy fragrances, which is double any other beauty product!

When: May 8

Summer Season Sampling

As vaccination rates skyrocket all over the world, many consumers will return to the activities they used to do before COVID-19, such as attending cultural events and festivals. There’s also a great likelihood that your customers will travel too and need some products to look good or stay healthy when abroad. Here are our top picks for products for sampling! Sunscreen, vitamin C (to help mitigate sun damage), aftersun lotion, hand cream, foundation with SPF, deodorant cream, refreshing wipes and, of course, moisturiser!

To ensure your samples reach the right audiences, we’ve just launched our new feature, SamplMatch. Say hello to a quick way to match the perfect samples for your consumers without requiring the user to choose from products they haven’t been educated on yet. This powerful new feature builds on our ability to get your samples to the best audiences whilst providing richer data for your CRM. And, of course, improving the consumer experience.

When: May – September

Father’s Day Sampling

Who doesn’t love to show their undying love and appreciation for the father figure in their life? With a gift, it’s even better! Ideally your samples will reach potential gifters at least 3-4 weeks before Father’s Day, to allow for time to purchase after trial. So, don’t leave it too late and miss the opportunity for Father’s Day gifting! Consider sampling fragrances and men’s personal care products.

When: June 19

World Chocolate Day Sampling

A sampling campaign around World Chocolate Day, celebrated on 7th July, could be a really creative way to reach a new target audience. Also, to drive your sales or build brand awareness. Think of offering chocolates during June-July and encourage people to share with their loved ones. Not only will this improve brand sentiment with something sweet, but they will also be more inclined to spread the word about your brand and consider your product the next time they make a purchase in a shop. Afterall, driving trial with relevant audiences means more of the right people trying, and loving, your brand.

When: July 7

Vegetarian Awareness Month Sampling

Vegetarianism is on the rise all over the world. So, celebrating this month is a must for those in the food industry. Why not offer your potential customers some meat-free delights during this month? Vegetarianism is a broad category, so take the opportunity to sample cruelty free products! Meat-free snacks, vegetarian vitamins, and beauty goodies are welcome here.

When: October

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sampling

Who doesn’t love a good deal? During the Black Friday / Cyber Monday season, audiences are not only expecting their favourite brands to promote a deal, but they’re also more likely to spend money on new brands. And the best part is: after launching the campaign, Sampl can easily collect high-quality customer data and reviews. Ensure that your campaign is finished before Black Friday sales. That way, you’ll be top of mind when your clients begin to search for deals.

When: November 25th and November 28th

Christmas Sampling

Ho ho ho! It’s the time all businesses are looking forward to. According to Google Data, last year 50% of British Christmas shoppers bought from new retailers. In addition, 73% were open to purchasing from retailers they hadn’t bought from before. Take advantage of this opportunity to put your brand at the forefront and boost your sales. This is a great strategy to reach consumers who are looking for products to gift for their loved ones. Beauty, fragrance, and personal care products are perfect here.

Keep in mind: it’s essential that you understand who the “gifter” is as well as the “giftee” in your targeting. Use your previous surveys / market research to deep-dive into who they are. This way, you can target your sampling campaign in a more effective way.

When: December 25


Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your holiday sampling strategy? Our team of experts would love to help you. Get in touch via or find out more here.


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