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How can actionable insight help your snack brand?

Posted on:
October 1, 2021

Snack brand

Online product sampling campaigns are a wonderful way of getting your product into the hands of the right consumer. Another excellent benefit is the actionable insight that asking consumers what they thought of your product / brand can provide. One question we’re often asked by brands is around what insight can be obtained and how it can be applied. So here are 5 ways that actionable insight can help your snack brand.


Supporting your sales team

There are many ways in which insight from product sampling can support your sales team. One of the biggest ways is by providing evidence of demand for your product within a particular retailers’ customer base. Helping you to evidence that stocking your product will drive incremental sales. This will give your sales team leverage when speaking to potential new partners and help out with pitches. If a retailer approached you telling you that X% of their customer base intended to purchase your product, it would certainly pique your interest, right?


Supporting an NPD

Using insight to support an NPD will enable you to ascertain which product(s) are most likely to appeal to your current audience already and thus be more likely to purchase. Knowing this will help you to ensure that you’re taking the best possible product to market. For example, we’ve worked with many brands that have used our product sampling surveys to identify the most in-demand flavours. These have subsequently gone on to be highly successful.


Informing marketing messages

Understanding when, why and how your consumer uses your product can help to inform future marketing messages. Using this information, you can focus messaging / creative on aspects of your product that appeal most to your audience. For example, taste, health benefits or maybe even sustainability. This will help to support future in store and/or online sales.  


Knowing your buyer

While most brands are aware of their target audience, some brands find that this differs from who’s buying their product. Having this insight will enable you to allocate your marketing budget to channels that best suit this demographic. Particularly in a post-HFSS world where it won’t be as easy to market to your target audience. Additionally, also knowing who is buying competitor brands will help you get the edge on the competition – ensuring your brand is never the one taking a ‘snack’ seat.


Knowing which marketing channels are driving results

Going back to HFSS, when this legislation comes into effect in October 2022, your snacking brand may be a little more limited in which marketing channels it can use. Using insight to understand where purchasers are coming from – and which marketing channels they first became aware of the product via – will help you to better allocate marketing spend. This will ensure that you’re maximising all opportunities to get your brand known and getting the best results from your marketing dollars.  


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About the author

Wade Frith

Wade is the Head of Growth at Sampl based in bustling London. A go-to expert in social media strategy and content marketing, he loves guiding our clients through setting up a campaign and coming up with new Marketing Strategies. You can usually find him binge-watching a Netflix reality show or listening to a vintage vinyl record.

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