How do I plan a great survey?

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January 17, 2022

How do I plan a great survey?

Being able to run an interactive survey with thousands of people that have just used a product is a great way to unlock a lot of valuable insight for brands. A question we often get asked by new clients when setting up sampling campaigns is ‘how do I plan a great survey?’ – or words to that effect.


The main advice is to think about the end result and then work back from that. By end result, we just mean thinking about what you want to do with the insight afterwards. Most commonly, you will want to find out who your best customers are likely to be, and how you can find more of them. 


Assuming this is the case, some topics to explore could include some of these listed below.


Who are my best customers? 

You’ll need to define ‘best’. Typically that’s the people buying your product most frequently, or those most likely to purchase it after trying it. To identify these people, you’ll need to know things like:

  • Who has purchased the product or used it before?
  • How frequently?
  • Are they still using it?
  • Who strongly intends to purchase after trying the product?


How do you identify them, and people like them?

  • What is the age and gender identity (if relevant) of each person?
  • What interests do they have that may be relevant to your product?
  • How and/or when would they use or are they using it?
  • Why did or would they choose it over competing options?


How do you find more of them?

  • Which sites / platforms / apps do they find themselves spending most time on?
  • Where do they go to find information about new products like yours?


Designing your survey

We are on-hand to show you how to plan a great survey, help set them up in ways that will maximise the engagement and make sure you are capturing the right information back from respondents. The way you ask questions, the order in which those questions are asked and the way you decide what to ask each person will have a really big impact on the quality and quantity of responses you collect. Sampl provides some great customisation options to make surveys really interactive and on-brand.


Making sense of it all

Sampl gives you real-time visibility on who is responding and what they’re saying so you can easily keep track of sentiment and drill down into individual responses. 

We’ve also created some really handy analytics tools so you can easily dive into the data and uncover the real insights with just a few clicks. You can then make sure these insights are available to your team on-demand. 


If you’d like to learn more about how our sampling campaigns can help unlock these types of insights for your brand then click here to get in touch. Follow us on LinkedIn for more inspiration.


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