How to acquire first party data

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July 7, 2021

How to acquire first party data

With all the current talk of a “cookieless future” and the importance of first party data, you’d be smart to get ahead of the game and start filling up your database now. But the question always is: how to acquire first party data? Back in days of old, one would simply buy a data list from a third party. Nowadays, with ISPs getting tighter on deliverability and not to mention GDPR, this grey area is now more of a no-fly zone! That’s why we’ve come up with these methods of acquiring first party data…


Social media competition

Running a competition on social media is a double whammy. A great way to improve your reach/engagement PLUS generate new leads for your database. While strictly speaking under GDPR you can’t demand that users to opt-in for marketing to be entered. You can however ask them to opt-in as part of the entry form. Incentivising organic lead generation in this way will give consumers a reason to sign up. Asking people to opt-in without any reason understandably doesn’t get much traction. I mean, would you give away your data for nothing?

Top tip: Create a bespoke onboarding journey for these users. This will keep them engaged in the competition plus give you time to introduce them to the USPs of the brand.



Another excellent way to acquire first party data is product sampling. Offering consumers the opportunity to experience your product first hand is a fantastic way of engaging them pre-purchase. This of course will also help to convert those who are interested. Our sampling campaigns often see a marketing opt in rate of 60% and above, not to mention those who then opt in when they go on to purchase. This shows that sampling is an effective method of generating new first party data.

Top tip: We cover a whole bunch of top tips in our 5 step guide to running a successful sampling campaign.


Facebook lead generation

Facebook is great for generating traffic to your website, but it also has a built-in lead generation functionality. As with ads, you’re able to target specific demographics as well as lookalike audiences of current lists that you have. Tactics such as updating the creative and using Facebook’s own forms (as opposed to sending users off to an external site) can help to keep the CPL down too.

Top tip: Check out this blog post about improving Facebook lead generation campaigns.


Brand partnerships

What better way to introduce your brand to a new audience and generate first party data than partnering with another. Engaging both of your audiences with a campaign that will generate leads will allow you to share the first party data once the campaign is complete (assuming you have the permission to, of course). Selecting a brand with a similar identity that isn’t a competitor will allow you both to get the most out of the consumers that are targeted. Ensuring that you’ll widen the reach of your brand but also convert new customers too.

Top tip: Ensure you ask for marketing permission for the partner brand as well as your own. This will be crucial to getting this one right from a GDPR perspective.


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