How to build brand loyalty in 2022 with online sampling 

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January 28, 2022

How to build brand loyalty in 2022 with online sampling 

As a Brand Partnerships Manager here at Sampl, I spend a lot of time speaking with Brand and Marketing Managers. A topic I’ve been discussing recently is how brands can learn more about their customers to build brand loyalty. With Google’s end to third-party cookies there is an increasing need to integrate strategies to manage customer engagement and data more effectively. 2022 is the year for owning interactions and relationships with your customers. But how can you build brand loyalty in 2022 with online sampling? 


Capturing more data 

One of the most effective ways is to capture more first party CRM data. This helps to build brand loyalty by having more meaningful and consistent interactions with your customers – They’re on your database for life, not just for Christmas! Online sampling is a fantastic way of building your database as well as brand loyalty. Along with capturing email addresses, when running a campaign with Sampl you are also able to build datarich profiles on your target consumers with our bespoke survey tool, helping you to learn more about what makes them tick. For more tips on how to capture more first party data, check out our blog post.


Bespoke interactions

In addition to our survey tool, you can build consumer profiles with the interactions you have throughout a campaign. This enables you to learn valuable information and gain insight about your customers. For example,

  • What’s their skin type? Do they suffer from dry/combination/acne prone skin?
  • Do they have a favourite scent? Perhaps floral, or sweet, maybe musky? 
  • Which ads and images are driving the best engagement?
  • Where and when do they like to shop? Via your D2C, in-store, or even with retail partners?

All of this information allows you to enhance your marketing strategy with new and existing customers, communicate NPD relevant to their wants or create personalised offers available via their desired channel. 


Promoting NPD to loyal customers

Sampling is great for recruiting new customers, but if you’re looking to build loyalty then why not run an online campaign exclusively to your existing database instead? You can gather initial insights and reviews on the products ahead of launching, and add value to your database by being the first ones to get their hands on a new launch. Understanding what your existing consumers really think about your product will be invaluable when positioning it to new customers  


Customise campaigns with educational content 

With Sampl you are able to completely customise the consumer journey for each campaign. A great way to build brand loyalty is adding an additional touchpoint with educational content into your campaign. This gives you the chance to get consumers bought in by explaining more about your brand and your products. We’ve found this works wonderfully for skincare and makeup clients in particular, but not exclusively. By adding links to your best influencer campaigns or educational Instagram content on how and when to apply the product, you can add extra value to your consumers. You can read more on using influencers in sampling campaigns here.


If you’d like to learn more about how our sampling campaigns can help you build brand loyalty in 2022 contact me directly on, or get in touch via our website.

About the author

Shona Conroy

Based in Brighton, Shona is a Brand Partnerships Manager at Sampl, focused on the Beauty Industry. Aside from being a wellness nut, she is also a pet lover - and has the cutest cat joining our Zoom meetings every now and then. 🐱

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