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How to give new life to an old product in time for Christmas

Posted on:
June 29, 2021

Product new life Christmas

It’s a fantastic position to be in to have a product that people already know and love. The problem is, in a world where something new is released every day, online shopping is an increasingly competitive marketplace. If this has got you feeling the need revitalise an existing product, Christmas is the perfect time to aim for. Although (allegedly!) it’s summer now, keeping “the most wonderful time of the year” firmly on the horizon gives you plenty of time to fill your product with the life that it once enjoyed. And here’s 5 ways that you can do it…


Sampling your product

Using sampling as a method of getting consumers experiencing your product is a fantastic way of injecting some life back into it. With plenty of time between now and Christmas, it’s a great time to get your product in the hands of prospective customers, ensuring it’s at the forefront of their mind when searching for gifts for their loved ones. An average of 85% of consumers indicate that they intend to purchase the product after a sampling campaign, which shows this is an effective method of supporting sales conversions. To find out more, read our blog on why product sampling is more important now than ever.


Refresh your reviews

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing consumer purchasing habits and pushing more and more people into shopping online, it’s never been more important to ensure that you have fantastic reviews on your website. According to a survey launched by Qualtrics, 93% of customers read online reviews before committing to a purchase. As a brand you need to make sure that these are up to date, insightful and, most importantly, positive!



As we all know, certain products lend themselves to certain times of year – it’s called seasonality. Perfumes, for example, tend to sell better in the lead up to public holidays such as Christmas or Mother’s Day. Understanding your customer’s behaviour is crucial to planning your media spend. To make the most of your spend, ensure that you’re giving your target customer time to try the product, do research, and include it in their Christmas shopping – which may be way ahead of December. Trying to give your product new life at Christmas really doesn’t give your customer much time to do this, so make sure that you get your timings right.


Targeted marketing

I know, I know – this one’s obvious, right? Well, actually, it might not be. While you may be aware of your target audience, are you aware of who the “Christmas gifter” could be? Although it’s important that you have product/brand awareness within your key demographic, they’re unlikely to be the buyer over Christmas. Therefore, it’s essential that you understand who the “gifter” is as well as the “giftee”. Use surveys / market research to deep-dive into who they are.


Limited edition Christmas packaging

Finally, another wonderful way to inject life into your product is limited edition packaging. This allows you to create something new and exciting out of something that already exists – without diluting the product’s identity. Not only does this encourage consumers to move quickly in their purchasing decision to avoid disappointment, it’s also a great reason for a consumer to gift their loved one with something that they already know and love. Improving the longevity of your product and your brand.


If you need some help with injecting life into an existing product in time for Christmas, get in touch with the Sampl. team today on 020 3974 7458 or

About the author

Wade Frith

Wade is the Head of Campaign Success at Sampl based in bustling London. A go-to expert in social media strategy and CRM marketing, he loves guiding our clients through setting up a campaign and coming up with new Marketing Strategies. You can usually find him reading, at the gym or listening to a vintage vinyl record.

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