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How you can run sampling campaigns with brand partners

Posted on:
November 27, 2023

With product marketing, especially FMCG, pet care, homecare and beauty, precision in reaching the desired audience can make or break a campaign. At Sampl, we recognise the pivotal role that thoughtfully curated media partnerships play, ensuring your samples not only reach but genuinely resonate with your target demographic.

With many consumers taking a stance on social media to best avoid it, and the reduction in the usage of third party cookies, it’s become more important for brands to include a creative partnership approach to advertising to reach the right audiences. The same remains true for sampling.

Overview of Sampl’s Retail and Media Partners

Our partnership network is designed to meet client aspirations, and we connect brands with retailers, publishers, and diverse consumer networks to ensure this. Our network spans categories like mobile networks, fitness brands, students, gaming networks, publishers, dating apps, fashion, and more.

  1. Contact our team at
  2. Express interest in adding brand partnerships to your media.
  3. Work with our brand partnerships team to curate the perfect sampling campaign network for you.

At Sampl, we recognise the transformative potential of media partnerships in elevating sampling campaigns within these pivotal verticals. Let’s explore how brands in FMCG, pet care, homecare, and beauty can harness the synergy of media alliances to amplify their reach and resonance.

 “We’re enthusiastic about connecting you with brand partners, providing access to engaged audiences and unique sampling touchpoints!”


FMCG: Crafting Experiences for Fast-Moving Consumers


FMCG campaigns cast a wide net, targeting a vast spectrum of consumers. From health-conscious individuals seeking the latest in wellness products to food enthusiasts exploring culinary delights, the FMCG audience is a diverse tapestry. Brands need to be agile, adapting their strategies to resonate with varying demographics, lifestyles, and preferences.

  • Diverse Media Mix: Sampl leverages partnerships across mobile networks, lifestyle platforms, and food and drink enthusiasts.
  • Strategic Engagement: We engage with mobile networks for in-app promotions and push notifications, ensuring direct consumer interaction.
  • Amplified Engagement: With our partners, we use in-app banners and push notifications for heightened consumer engagement.



Pet Care: Nurturing Connections with Pet Parents


In the vibrant world of pet care marketing, the focus is not just on the furry companions but equally on the devoted individuals who care for them. Petcare brands, in their campaigns, often seek to resonate with a diverse audience of pet parents—individuals who share a deep love for their animals. Understanding the nuances of this demographic is crucial for crafting campaigns that not only capture attention but also build lasting connections.

  • Trusted Platforms: Sampl collaborates with pet insurance providers and loyalty platforms dedicated to pet parents.
  • Tailored Engagement: Our partners feature sample promotions in newsletters, rewards platforms, and dedicated pet communities.
  • Brand Trust: Brands can benefit by associating with trusted pet insurers for health credibility.


Homecare: Transformative Sampling for Households


In the realm of homecare, where brands strive to make a lasting impact on households, strategic alliances and innovative sampling strategies are paramount. Homecare campaigns often target a diverse audience, from busy homemakers seeking time-saving solutions to eco-conscious consumers looking for sustainable options. Understanding the nuances of this dynamic audience is crucial when forming brand partnerships for sampling ad placement.

  • Strategic Alliances: Sampl has formed partnerships with leading retailers in the homecare sector.
  • Innovative Sampling: With our partners, your brand can explore sampling promotions at point of purchase, offering a seamless consumer experience.
  • Targeted Messaging: Sampl uses partner social media, CRM, and website channels for targeted homecare sampling.


Beauty: Crafting Bespoke Experiences for Enthusiasts


In the ever-evolving world of beauty, where trends sway like seasons, the success of a campaign hinges on understanding not just what you’re promoting but who you’re reaching. Beauty brands often set their sights on a diverse audience, each segment with its unique preferences and expectations.

  • Strategic Publisher Alliances: Sampl collaborates with leading and reputable beauty publishers for a secure brand environment.
  • Checkout Integration: Our partners offer product samples directly at checkout for a seamless beauty experience.
  • Engaged Audiences: Brands can leverage publisher platforms with hyper-engaged beauty communities.


Conclusion: Tailored Collaborations for Unrivaled Impact

These partnership potentials exemplify the diverse opportunities offered by our team at Sampl. We can give you access to these benefits, by strategically aligning with our media partners, your brand gains unparalleled access to targeted and engaged audiences.

If you’re interested in finding out more reach out to our team via, or book a call here, to explore how Sampl can craft a sampling campaign tailored to your brand’s objectives and audience preferences.

About the author

Roland Spencer

Roland serves as the Head of Marketing at Sampl, a dynamic product sampling agency. Based in the vibrant city of Brighton, he brings extensive expertise in marketing and content development. With a passion for guiding tech businesses towards success. Roland thrives on crafting innovative marketing strategies and delivering exceptional results. When he’s not immersed in the world of marketing, you can often find him watching Formula E, playing football, gardening and cooking.

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