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February 24, 2022


Digital sampling provides a plethora of targeting options if you’re seeking to drive trial amongst new audiences, capture genuine reviews & UGC or build up your CRM database. There are some limitations however, and that’s why we created SamplMatch.  


Introducing SamplMatch

Introducing SamplMatch

SamplMatch processes every request that comes into Sampl and decides whether to approve or filter it. This allows you to be more confident that your samples are reaching the right audiences. And subsequently, that you’re collecting high quality data. 

SamplMatch validates the data provided and filters or flags any potential duplicate requests. It also uses historic engagement data to assess the suitability of the product to the person making the request. Plus, it also evaluates where and how the person came to submit their request. All of this is combined together to determine if someone will receive a sample, with powerful results.

The latest update to SamplMatch builds on these capabilities by allowing you to include your own data into the decisioning process. That allows you to determine if the product is right for the consumer. And if so, which variation of the product would suit them best.


A fully personalised solution

With a fully customisable decision logic, SamplMatch now allows you to add additional rules into the decisioning process and incorporate brand-specific data. For example, it could be on the demographics, attitudes or behaviours of the people requesting your samples. This powerful new feature builds on Sampl’s  ability to get your samples to the best audiences whilst providing richer data for your CRM. And, of course, improving the consumer experience.

The new features of SamplMatch work best when you have multiple variations of a product. On most of those cases, it’s not immediately clear to a person which is best for them. Rather than trying to explain the different characteristics and benefits of each variation, let SamplMatch ask the costumer some relevant question to choose which variation is best suited to them. For example, a face cream may be best suited to particular skin concerns and not suitable for others, or may have different variations for different skin-types. 


Improve your database while giving your ideal consumers what they need

You will have available all the data collected in this process, provided by people who have expressed the relevant consent. This is a tremendous opportunity to grow your CRM database and collect rich data. The responses are also available for analysis within Sampl to help you uncover actionable insights. And after that, share them with your team.


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