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What is D2C sampling: how to cut through the digital noise

Posted on:
September 18, 2023

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In a world where digital rules and the traditional touch-and-feel approach takes a back seat, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands are rewriting the rules of product sampling globally. Gone are the days of in-store sampling and shopping centre stalls; the new frontier for sampling is online, and it’s proving to be more effective than ever.


The Evolution of D2C Sampling

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, sampling a new brand of chips at your local supermarket or trying out a dab of lotion at a personal care store was an ordinary experience. However, the pandemic disrupted this norm, prompting brands, both D2C and heritage, to shift their sampling strategies online.

Today, leading brands, such as Nivea, Cadbury and Revlon, have embraced digital sampling methods. These targeted  approaches enable consumers to experience products in the comfort of their homes, making sampling more accessible, and personalised, than ever.

The Shift Towards Online Sampling

Brands participate in sampling activities for various reasons, including boosting visibility, gathering customer feedback, and enticing potential buyers to try their products. However, traditional in-store sampling, while once essential, often delivers a low return on investment, and lacks clear data to understand purchase intent.

In response, brands are turning to digital channels, and focussing on direct to consumer sampling. This shift offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, precise targeting, and end-to-end control over the consumer experience. With digital-savvy consumers more open to exploring new brands, the future of sampling is undoubtedly digital.


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Unleashing the Power of Digital Sampling

Research reveals that free sampling has a significant positive impact on purchase intent and willingness to review. Yet, the sampling process has historically been inefficient, with brands struggling to find scalable channels and a data-driven approach.

This is where platforms like Sampl step in. Sampl is at the forefront of the D2C sampling agencies, offering a powerful solution for D2C sampling. With Sampl, brands can efficiently distribute product samples and gather valuable insights, while promoting further purchases and consumer loyalty.

The Future of D2C Sampling in the UK

In a world of online clutter and brand saturation, product sampling remains a vital strategy for D2C brands. Whether you’re a digital-native D2C brand or a heritage name, sampling offers a unique opportunity to engage consumers, drive conversions, and foster brand loyalty.

As the world’s D2C landscape continues to evolve, platforms like Sampl are at the forefront, helping brands cut through the digital clutter and build meaningful connections with their target audience. Sampling isn’t just about trying a product; it’s about experiencing a brand, and with digital platforms, this experience is more accessible and effective than ever before.

If you’re looking to improve your brand’s direct-to-consumer marketing, and build on your product’s success, contact our sampling agency experts today at or by booking a call here.


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