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What is Yotpo: using reviews to boost your marketing

Posted on:
August 8, 2023

what is yotpo

In today’s digital landscape, connecting with customers and optimising sales requires the right tools. Enter Yotpo, a platform that empowers brands to cultivate customer relationships, drive engagement, and foster loyalty through user-generated content and reviews.

You might be wondering what Yotpo is and how it can reshape your approach in the online marketplace, well, if you’re looking for a short guide to the review platform, read on.

The power of Yotpo: leveraging reviews for effective marketing

Primarily, Yotpo is a user content and review generating eCommerce platform. Much like BazaarVoice, the platform allows businesses to form and maintain a customer community by showcasing genuine reviews and ratings, both important tools for social proofing. Yotpo supports businesses to generate reviews using a multitude of systems, and can support content based around a variety of mediums, including visuals, text, and video.

Amplifying your marketing strategy with user-generated content

The Yotpo platform simplifies classic CRM tools by allowing centralised data management of customer information, allowing businesses to gain insights into behaviours, preferences, and even predictive trends – all at a glance.

This means crafting tailored UGC experiences on Yotpo becomes effortless, as data can be directly referenced to personalise interactions for each customer, throughout their journey.

Once interacting with a customer, data from these personalised journeys can be filtered back into the database for a holistic view of performance, too.

Yotpo offers marketing outreach, including email and SMS, loyalty and referral programs, and allows integration into a range of marketing platforms and apps, including Sampl. This means marketing to generate reviews is simple and accessible to a variety of business sizes – whether you’re a startup or a seasoned player, the platform adapts to your growth journey and vendors.

Sampl and Yotpo integration: Unlock product sampling campaigns

Sampl offers integration to Yotpo as part of our product sampling campaign platform, allowing UGC and reviews generated through sample campaigns to feed directly into your workflow.

If harnessing the power of reviews and customer content aligns with your goals, explore how Sampl’s product sampling campaigns can fuel your strategy. Reach out to us at or book a call here to discover how product sampling can be a game-changer for your new product launch.

About the author

Roland Spencer

Roland serves as the Head of Marketing at Sampl, a dynamic product sampling agency. Based in the vibrant city of Brighton, he brings extensive expertise in marketing and content development. With a passion for guiding tech businesses towards success. Roland thrives on crafting innovative marketing strategies and delivering exceptional results. When he’s not immersed in the world of marketing, you can often find him watching Formula E, playing football, gardening and cooking.

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