Why is product sampling more important now than ever?

Posted on:
February 25, 2021


Standing out from the crowd 

With so many brands trying to reach new audiences during the pandemic, there’s never been a more pressing time to incorporate product sampling campaigns into your marketing strategy. 

Reaching the right audiences and creating engaging sampling experiences will drive awareness in a way that leaves a lasting impression, so your brand is more recognisable in-store and online.

Driving sales

With changing behaviours and increasing competitive pressures, product sampling campaign can help your brand benefit from more of the right consumers trying your product.

As retail moves increasingly online, ratings and reviews are becoming one of the most important purchase drivers. Your product sampling campaign can encourage consumers to leave ratings and reviews post-trial, making your product listings stand out and drive conversion.

Knowing your audience

Brands that sell directly often benefit from knowing more about their customers and how to influence their behaviour. 

Product sampling campaigns providesa great opportunity for capturing marketing permissions from consumers. Using post-trial surveys helps to build a better understanding of what your audience wants, as well as how you can make your products even more appealing to them. 

Knowing your audience, and how and why they behave, is key to standing out against your competitors. As people are staying at home and have more disposable income, your brand can reach consumers that are open to discovering new products.

Achieving more with your digital spend

Consumers are much more likely to buy a product if they know that they like it. Combining product sampling with your online marketing activities gets your product in front of consumers, allowing them to taste, touch or experience it before purchase. 

You can capture data for on-going marketing, get more of the right people trying your products, and ultimately create long-term impact. 

As marketers make sense of changing consumer behaviours and their influence on the market, product sampling remains a solid investment for building brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

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About the author

Elliot Dale

Elliot is the UX Manager at Sampl, also known as our knows-how-to-do-it-all buddy. From sharing his knowledge of the sampling industry to always thinking up new ways to take Sampl's platform to the next level, Elliot is always doing his best to support our clients.

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