Why you should be using influencers for sampling on TikTok and Instagram

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January 17, 2022

Influencer on TikTok Instagram

If you’re wondering how you can use influencers on TikTok and Instagram to drive trial with your target audience through sampling, keep reading.

I work on the Brand Partnerships team at Sampl. Outside of work, when I’m not paddleboarding along Brighton seafront I’m actually a micro-influencer, focussing on the beauty sector. When working with brands I’ll usually get a specific link to use in my stories / posts. This will direct the audience to the full size product on the D2C most of the time. This is great, but what about people that need to try a product first before committing to buying it?

I recently did a TikTok for Olaplex which reached 1.2 million views. Tik Tok is a great way to reach a younger audience with huge scope for videos to go viral. The hundreds of comments on this video are all related to the product, with questions about how to use it / who it’s for. This is so valuable to Olaplex and gives them the opportunity to engage back with this audience on this platform.

Click here to view my viral TikTok post.

Since working with Sampl, I realise that a huge opportunity is being missed. If you can work with influencers and instead direct users to request a sample of the product, this could have a huge impact on conversion. From my own experience, I know I love to try before I buy and many of my purchases come from influencer recommendations. This is amazing for new product launches as well as giving consumers a personalised experience as an introduction to your brand.

Here’s why you should be using influencers on TikTok and Instagram for your sampling campaigns:

  1. The influencer can talk the consumer through the product and provide education on how / why someone would use it. This is great for niche products that target specific concerns, like skincare for example.
  2. Consumers tend to have lots of trust in influencers. That additional layer of trust in the influencer’s recommendation can help boost conversion after trying the product.
  3. Influencer campaigns are great for brand awareness beyond just those that request a sample, helping create an immediate impact.
  4. The influencers will create discussion around the product – a wonderful benefit for new product launches, helping educate consumers and leaving them wanting more

This multi-layered campaign could increase conversion, and at the same time our platform will measure the performance of the influencers / media channels to ensure they’re actually reaching the right audience.

I would love to chat with anybody interested in finding out more about implementing this kind of unique strategy. If you’d like to learn more, contact me directly on beckie@sampltech.com or get in touch via our website.


About the author

Beckie Eaves

Beckie is a Brand Partnerships Manager at Sampl who loves staying up to date with the latest news in the beauty industry. During her spare time, she loves to invest energy into her influencer career. Also important to mention that she has the cutest dog ever!

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