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Sampling can be one of the most effective forms of marketing. Unfortunately sampling has in many cases not moved on with the times, and is still very much a ‘push’ exercise – pushing samples onto people in the hope that they will like and enjoy the product.

The result of this is that in many cases samples go to waste – often unused and in many instances are sent to people with neither the desire nor the need for the product. Clearly this does still have some benefits, but what if every sample went to someone who was interested in and ready-to-buy the product? How much more effective would that be?

This is why we created Sampl.

Our mission is to help brands ensure that every sample reaches someone with a genuine desire for the product and to deliver accurately targeted campaigns that deliver tangible, measurable results.

We are leading the digital transformation of sampling.


Sampl uses data and AI to ensure that samples reach the right audiences. Every person receiving a sample is directly addressable so you can create highly personalised campaigns that deliver relevant messages at key times throughout the sampling experience. 

Rather than waiting weeks or even months to find out what’s happened to your samples, you can see it live at your fingertips and identify valuable insights that can be acted on immediately, not months later. 

We see a future in which the majority of product sampling will be done our way and we’re building the tools to ensure it’s accessible to every brand, everywhere.

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