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The Sampl difference

We’re helping brands deliver tangible results and better engagement through engaging sampling campaigns.

Getting samples to the right audiences

Sampl ensures your product sampling campaigns are sustainable by ensuring that your samples reach people with genuine desire for your product.

Provide a clear path to purchase

Whether driving traffic to your own or your retail partners’ websites or physical stores, Sampl has you covered.

Creating memorable sampling experiences

Use multiple touchpoints to build excitement in advance then educate, convert and get people talking about your product after trying it.

Generate actionable insight & data

Capture genuine reviews and feedback from which to draw actionable insight, whilst gaining first party data and marketing consent en-masse.

Trusted by many of the world's leading brands

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Product sampling partner
Product sampling partner
Product sampling partner
Product sampling partner
Product sampling partner
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Digital media for product sample

Get your samples to your target audiences

  • Integrate with your digital media to drive product discovery and get your samples to new, relevant audiences that have a genuine need or desire for your product.
  • Allow consumers to request their preferred flavour or type, ensuring people receive the product that’s best for them.
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Loved their sample Engaging sampling experiences

Create highly engaging sampling experiences

  • Put your product centre stage and be the focus of attention whilst letting people try your products as they’re meant to be enjoyed.
  • Drive awareness of availability and provide a clear path to purchase to help drive conversion and repeat purchase.
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Capture genuine reviews & UGC

  • Create bespoke surveys to learn more about your audience, products, brand and competitors, unlocking valuable actionable insights.
  • Support new launches with genuine, well thought-out reviews captured at scale and syndicated to your retail partners seamlessly.
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Insights Persona data

Grow your CRM with rich profiles

  • Future-proof your marketing strategy with marketing opt-ins from highly engaged consumers and create long-lasting relationships.
  • Capture rich data at every interaction to enhance your ability to deliver relevant, engaging content across your customer platforms.

We've got you covered

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Find out how Grenade reached the right kind of consumers

Launching into a new market, Grenade needed to reach the right kind of consumers via their sampling. Under pressure to grow the territory quickly, winning new listings and ensuring the right products were available in market would be key.

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