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Find out how we generated 10,000 new contacts for Laughing Dog

The challenge

Being a fairly unknown brand in the UK market, Laughing Dog identified the need to grow brand awareness along with their CRM database. Laughing Dog offers natural dog food at a slightly more premium price point than other dog food brands on the market. However, their dog food offers a clean and balanced meal made with natural ingredients, so they were confident that dogs would love the product given the chance to try it – and therefore so would their owners. Alongside the need to grow their database and increase brand awareness, Laughing Dog also wanted to gain insight on purchasing habits to strengthen their marketing messaging and overall sales strategy.

The solution

Facebook and Instagram (Meta) lead generation ads were used to target dog interests and a lookalike audience of Laughing Dog’s CRM database. Once consumers clicked on the ad, they were presented with Meta’s native lead generation form to input their details and request a sample. Using Sampl’s custom API integration with Meta, the data flowed seamlessly into Sampl to be cleansed, validated and prepared for dispatch. Marketing consent was gathered on the lead generation form by asking consumers to opt in for future communications. Consumers were also asked to confirm if they had a dog and how much they would typically spend on dog food, to ensure that an audience of dog owners buying premium food were reached.

Once consumers had received their sample and had time for their four-legged friend to try it, a bespoke survey asked them about their sampling experience. This included questions around purchase intent and habits, brand recognition, and conversion drivers.

Laughing dog email

The results


Marketing opt-in rate




New consumers converted

76% of people receiving a sample hadn’t heard of Laughing Dog before the campaign, and a whopping 13% of those went on to purchase the product. This shows a how successful the campaign was at bringing new pet parents into the brand. On top of that, the campaign generated over 10,000 new contacts for the Laughing Dog CRM database.

Using Sampl also enabled Laughing Dog to uncover some valuable insight for the Laughing Dog team and capture lots of rich data on the CRM contacts. From where and how pet parents prefer to shop, to how they make purchasing decisions and how this varies across spend brackets, the data is going be really helpful in fine-tuning the brand’s sales and marketing strategy.

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