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  • Generating reviews

Here’s how we helped Andrex® capture genuine reviews

The challenge

The Andrex team were struggling to generate high quality reviews at scale due to the sensitive nature of the product – wet wipes. Often the reviews left were poor quality and getting many consumers to leave them at all was very challenging. They decided to explore sampling as a way of generating reviews.

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The solution

The campaign targeted consumers likely to be either using competitor brands or having shown behaviour that would make them amenable to Andrex Washlets. Consumers were invited to request a sample, with their request processed by Sampl to ensure those with a genuine interest were approved for sampling. 

Samples were shipped to consumers at home so they could try the Washlets at their leisure, before being invited to leave a review. Our Bazaarvoice partnership enabled us to generate reviews for the key retailers stocking the product as part of a seamless user journey. The review survey asked questions that prompted the user to think about multiple different aspects of the product such as the freshness, strength, or moisture to ensure the reviews captured would cover the most relevant characteristics of the product. 

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The results


Reviews captured


Avg words per review

The Superdrug partnership worked extremely well in raising awareness, with over 35,000 requests in under 24 hours. Audience optimisation filtered out 20,000 requests, ensuring the samples were sent to the most relevant consumers. With 93% of consumers indicating that they liked their sample and 77% indicating that they were likely to purchase the product, this campaign was a huge success in delivering on the objectives.

When you’re doing ‘big jobs’ or you need a ‘number two’ Andrex gently wipes away the blues upon the loo!

I love that it’s soft and you don’t need to use a lot of it to make you nice and clean, it’s feel soft like velvet and it stops the kids from using more than half at a time too.

I have 6yr old twin boys and it was great for them, they didn’t use as much as usual and clean their lil bums really well

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