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How we helped Flexitol generate 1,725 new reviews

The challenge

To support retailer sales, Flexitol needed an easy way to generate a high volume of reviews that could be syndicated across their multiple retailer partners using Bazaarvoice. According to Bazaarvoice, just two hundred reviews can deliver an increase in sales of up to 44%, so this was potentially a huge opportunity for Flexitol. However, Flexitol don’t sell their products in a D2C store so they don’t have a direct line of contact with their customers. This makes it far more difficult for them to generate reviews en masse.

The solution

Given how important reviews are to consumers when buying footcare products, Flexitol decided that sampling would be an effective way of generating reviews to syndicate across their retailers. Facebook and Instagram (Meta) ads were used to offer consumers the opportunity to trial Flexitol’s hero product, Rescue Heel Balm. Using Meta’s native lead generation forms, consumers were asked for the information needed to send them a sample, and Sampl collected the data using a custom API integration.

Samples were shipped to consumers at home where they could try the product and feel it’s benefits. Once consumers had received their sample they were invited to leave a review and provided with information about how and where to purchase. Using Sampl’s Bazaarvoice integration, the reviews were submitted to Flexitol’s Bazaarvoice Workbench for approval and then, once approved, syndicated across Flexitol’s retailer partners.

flexitol product sampling reviews

The results


New reviews


Average word count


Purchase intent

Using Sampl, Flexitol generated a whopping 1,725 new reviews to be syndicated across their retailer partners. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the product, with consumers giving Flexitol’s Rescue Heel Balm an average star rating of 4.6 out of 5. Additionally, while a high quantity of reviews was generated, the average of 15.6 words per review demonstrates that these were also of a high quality tool.

In addition to the reviews, Sampl provided insight into the brand recognition and purchase intent of these consumers. A massive 56% of consumers weren’t aware of Flexitol before receiving their sample, with a further 24% saying they were aware but hadn’t tried Flexitol before – meaning a total of 80% of consumers had been new consumers introduced to Flexitol by Sampl. 81% of those that weren’t aware of Flexitol indicated that they were likely to purchase, displaying that Sampl not only delivered a fantastic volume of reviews, but also a big group of new customers too!

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