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  • Optimising sample allocation

How we helped Revlon boost purchase intent

The challenge

Revlon wanted to raise awareness of Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum through trial among the audience of one of their most popular U.K. retailers, Superdrug. To avoid wastage, the campaign objectives were to ensure that one person didn’t receive multiple samples, to get the samples to the most relevant consumers, and that purchase intent was high.

Fragrance online sampling

The solution

To do this, Revlon posted a Story on Superdrug’s Instagram page, offering followers of the retailer a free sample of Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum. Audience optimisation allowed us to identify requests from poor engagers and people coming via freebie sites. A follow-up email directed people to purchase on the Superdrug site, before the final step of inviting people to review the fragrance.

Product sampling email

The results


New reviews


Filtered requests


Purchase intent

The Superdrug partnership worked extremely well in raising awareness, with over 35,000 requests in under 24 hours. Audience optimisation filtered out 20,000 requests, ensuring the samples were sent to the most relevant consumers. 


With 93% of consumers indicating that they liked their sample and 77% indicating that they were likely to purchase the product, this campaign was a huge success in delivering on the objectives.

This really is a lovely fruity uplifting scent, one or two sprays does not fade and lasts all day, I am so delighted and also bought as Christmas presents!

Beautiful sweet fragrance, lovely bottle and not too strong smelling, I’m so glad I purchased I love the Britney perfumes, to me this smells like berries and vanilla – stunning!

This smells so amazing. I love it! It’s similar to the first fantasy but more sweet and not overpowering! I get migraines and I’m ok with this scent.

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