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How we helped Royal Canin drive trial of their NPD

The challenge

Royal Canin had identified a gap in the market for a different type of cat food. Contrary to popular belief, cats actually don’t have a very refined sense of taste. Selling different flavours of food for cats is actually a very “human” concept, as we have a more refined sense of taste. After identifying this gap, Royal Canin developed a new range of sensory cat food for their UK and IE markets – focussing on the texture and aroma of the food, as well as the nutritional benefits. This was their only NPD for the year and so, due to the nature of launching a brand new concept, Royal Canin knew that they would need to drive trial and education in order to make it a success.

The solution

Royal Canin decided to make sampling part of their wider launch plans and chose Sampl as their partner due its ability to activate in multiple markets simultaneously. Sampl integrated with Royal Canin’s existing social media activity to offer consumers a free sampl pack of the new Sensory range. Using Meta’s native lead generation forms, consumers were asked for the information needed to send them a sample. Sampl collected the data using a custom API integration to be cleansed, validated and processed ready for sample dispatch, without the need for any tech resource. Once the sample had been dispatched, consumers were sent a bespoke email with educational content about what made Sensory unique, the nutritional benefits and where consumers can purchase the range from. This also included a unique sales offer that consumers could redeem at a number of different retailers.

royal canin drive trial product sampling

The results


Markets activated


Education content understood


Marketing opt ins

The educational touchpoint that was sent to consumers after their sample had been dispatched had a 21% Click Through Rate (CTR) for the UK market and a 24% CTR for the IE market. When consumers were asked if they understood the benefits of the Sensory range for their cat, 88% of the UK market and 91% of the IE market said “yes”, indicating that the strategy of educating consumers with sampling was successful. Additionally, the campaign generated lots of marketing opt-ins, with over 62% of sample recipients opting-in to the Royal Canin UK email marketing programme.

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