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How we targeted consumers that align with Avène’s values to 93% accuracy

The challenge

Avene were seeking to reach a premium consumer to drive trial and awareness of Hydrance Aqua Gel. With a relatively high price point and a product that works best with specific skin types, it was important to ensure the consumers receiving samples were those most suited to the gel.

The solution

The activation targeted Avene’s audience across Facebook and Instagram, inviting relevant people to request a sample of the product. When submitting their request people were asked which skin-type they had and brands they usually buy.

Sampl processed all of the requests and allocated samples to people with the best skin-types and ensured the samples reached the best qualified audience. Samples were delivered neatly packed in a branded box, to create a premium experience on delivery to complement the brand.

To amplify the experience, recipients were nurtured with multiple touchpoints in advance of receiving the sample and were invited to purchase the gel and leave a review after trying it.


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The results


Would recommend to friends


Prefer this product


Align with the value proposition

The activation showed a high level of success in reaching the target audience, with 91% recommending the gel, 76% preferring it to their usual moisturiser and 93% identifying with the product’s proposition.

Additionally, the activation uncovered some really useful insights which helped the Avene team understand more about how to reach the right audiences and what messaging appealed to them when targeting online.

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