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NUK Baby generated 800+ reviews with product sampling

The challenge

To support sales with their retailers, NUK Baby needed a way to generate reviews en masse that could be syndicated across multiple different retailers using Bazaarvoice. According to Bazaarvoice, just two hundred reviews can deliver an increase in sales of up to 44%, so this was potentially a huge opportunity for NUK Baby. The challenge they found in not having a D2C store, with few points of direct contact with their customers, meant that they weren’t able to generate reviews in the way brands usually would – by sending an email invitation to review.

The solution

NUK Baby decided that sampling would be an effective way of generating reviews to syndicate across their retailers. Facebook and Instagram (Meta) ads were used to offer parents the opportunity to trial 2 NUK Baby soothers. Using Meta’s native lead generation forms, consumers were asked for the information needed to send them a sample, and Sampl collected the data using a custom API integration. Once consumers had received their sample they were invited to leave a review via Sampl. Using Sampl’s Bazaarvoice integration, the reviews were submitted to NUK Baby’s Bazaarvoice Workbench for approval and then, once approved, syndicated across NUK Baby’s retailer partners.

The results


New reviews


New consumers reached


Purchase intent

Using Sampl’s solution, NUK Baby generated 811 new reviews to be syndicated across their retailer partners. With an average star rating of 4.6 out of 5, there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the product which NUK Baby were thrilled with.

In addition to the reviews, Sampl introduced a number of brand new consumers to the brand – 16% of consumers had not heard of NUK Baby before and 41% hadn’t tried NUK Baby products before receiving their sample. Purchase intent of those that hadn’t heard of or purchased from NUK Baby before receiving their sample was 87%, demonstrating that sampling is a great way to sway consumers from their usual brand in this very loyal category.

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