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We helped JLO ONE harness digital sampling with influencers

The challenge

With the launch of ONE by JLO, Designer Parfums were seeking to reach a new, younger demographic with a more luxury approach, to bring new consumers into the JLO brand. The team wanted to be able to tap into the high levels of engagement previously seen with influencers to drive trial of the new fragrance.

The solution

Specific influencers were selected based on their reach, typical follower profile and quality of their content. Micro and macro influencers promoted the fragrance to attract a younger audience, whilst Facebook and Instagram ads attracted existing fans of the JLo Fragrances brand.

After introducing the fragrance, the influencers then invited their followers to “swipe up” and fill out a bespoke Sampl form to request a sample. Sampl’s algorithm ensured that well-qualified consumers would have their requests approved so that the samples could be delivered to the right audience. The campaign included multiple touchpoints to nurture consumers towards purchasing and leaving reviews after receiving a sample at home.


jlo one digital sampling form

The results

Purchase intent


Samples shipped


Reviews captured

The campaign was a huge success, delivering 50,000 samples and leading to 64% overall purchase intent. The even split between the new audience segment and the traditional customer profile showed the success of the media strategy, whilst nearly 1 in 10 Gen-Z consumers had purchased the product within 2 weeks of receiving a sample.

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