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Harper Collins generate a 13% conversion rate

The challenge

With 11+ season approaching, the Harper Collins team needed to boost awareness of the 11+ Maths Complete Revision Guide, drive sales and add relevant, engaged contacts to their marketing database.

They knew their guides are among the best but how could they show more parents just how good the guides are?

Education sampling

The solution

Using Sampl’s digital sampling platform Harper Collins was able to enhance their social media advertising with the invitation to receive a free portion of the 11+ Maths Complete Revision Guide. Parents were targeted with ads introducing the guide, with a call-to-action to download a sample.

The Sampl team were able to assist with every aspect of setting up and running the campaign, with the platform processing each request, delivering the digital samples and nurturing parents through a bespoke conversion funnel with personalised messaging at key stages.


harper collins digital product sampling

The results


would recommend


marketing opt-in


conversion rate

The results highlighted the success of the campaign in the objectives of capturing high quality leads, driving awareness and conversion, whilst also delivering valuable competitive insights.

With 96% of parents recommending the guides to friends and family and a whopping 13% going on to purchase, the results highlighted the success of the campaign in the objectives of driving awareness and conversion. With 48% of recipients opting-in to marketing the campaign also delivered highly engaged leads for the Collins marketing database.

On top of this, the reviews captured highlighted which aspects of the guides parents liked best and provided key learnings which will help the team build on their already successful offering and create even better guides in future.

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