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Here’s how Ombar generated 1,500+ reviews

The challenge

Ombar’s mission is to change the way the world sees chocolate, one act of sustainability at a time. And whilst it’s more than a worthy cause, Ombar want people to choose their chocolate not just because it’s vegan, healthy and sustainable but because it tastes good, too. The challenge was to expand and improve Ombar’s distribution strategy. It was also important to increase online visibility of the brand and educate consumers of Ombar’s mission.

The solution

The activation targeted a range of consumers on Facebook and Instagram, both people with interests in veganism and sustainability and lovers of traditional chocolate, too.

The campaign had multiple touchpoints, powered by Sampl, for consumers to engage with Ombar after receiving their chocolate bar. This included a series of emails; one of which invited people to complete a bespoke survey to review their experience with Ombar.

The results




Non-vegans intend to purchase


Purchase intent

With over 1,500 reviews captured, Sampl made it easy to uncover actionable insight for the Ombar team. The bespoke survey uncovered that whilst vegans with an interest in sustainability are the core target audience, nearly 4 out 5 vegans intended to purchase. This shows that people want to purchase the chocolate again simply because it tasted good, just like other premium chocolate brands. This has given the Ombar sales team the collateral they need to help gain retailer listings and improve shelf positioning.






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