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How we helped MCM smash its brand awareness objective

The challenge

Designer Parfums needed to raise awareness of their new MCM Eau de Parfum fragrance, in partnership with German fashion house MCM. A big part of this new launch was to reintroduce the brand to a younger demographic and get them trying the fragrance.

The solution

Facebook ads were used to target the MCM audience, with creative that included young models and was designed to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials. The Sampl platform identified which ad sets and versions of create were driving the best quality leads, allowing the media budget to be optimised.

The Sampl platform ensured that samples were sent to well-qualified consumers, converting online awareness into physical trial. To amplify the experience, recipients were nurtured with multiple touchpoints in advance of receiving the sample and were invited to purchase the fragrance and leave a review after trying it.


mcm digital sampling

The results






Purchase intent

With a reach of 68,368 people and 162,846 impressions, the campaign smashed its brand awareness objective and achieved a high conversion rate, showing the ads were reaching the right audience. After trial, 90% had either purchased already or intended to, and 89% indicated that they would recommend the product.

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