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What are the key 2024 dates for product marketing campaigns?

Posted on:
January 3, 2024

Marketing to consumers at key dates in the year is an important strategy for any skilled marketer. Connecting with your audience during key dates taps into the emotional resonance of special occasions, and aligns your product with a consumer’s focus. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Black Friday, consumers are more receptive to messages that align with the zeitgeist. This not only enhances brand recall but also fosters a sense of connection with your audience.

  1. Contact our team at
  2. Express interest in campaigning on key dates.
  3. Work with our expert team to build the perfect sampling campaign for your strategy.
  4. How does targeted sampling work?

Targeted sampling is a direct approach to product sampling campaigns, which means you can reach your audience on precise dates. We take a focussed approach to sample requests and a more personal approach to the subsequent sampling experience. Consumers request samples through your advertising campaign, we filter for the audience you want to target and we deliver your samples direct to their door on your in your chosen holiday period.


The countdown to success: campaign production timeline

To make the most of these key dates, marketers need strategic planning. Our recommended timeline for campaign production is a simple process:

Kick off 8 Weeks Before Launch (For New Clients): Begin the process early for new clients. Allow ample time for onboarding, setting up the campaign, and ensuring a smooth integration with Sampl, followed by our standard repeat client process.

Kick off 6 Weeks Before Launch (For Repeat Clients): Contract signed, assets shared, campaign settings finalised, and integration with CRM and review platforms are completed before launch.



Mark your calendar

Product marketing key dates for strategic campaigns could consider the days below. We’ve included helpful deadline dates for sustainable campaign kick-off with Sampl to ensure your campaign launches at the right time:



Event Date Repeat client kick-off New client kick-off
Mother’s Day (UK) March 20 Feb 6, 2024 Jan 23, 2024
Mother’s Day (US) May 12 Mar 30, 2024 Mar 16, 2024
Summer Start June 1 Apr 19, 2024 Apr 5, 2024
Father’s Day June 16 May 2, 2024 Apr 18, 2024
Wellness Month August Jun 20, 2024 Jun 6, 2024
Autumn Start September 1 Jul 19, 2024 Jul 5, 2024
Black Friday November 29 Oct 15, 2024 Oct 1, 2024
Holiday Shopping Start December 1 Oct 17, 2024 Oct 3, 2024
Veganuary January Nov 17, 2024 Nov 3, 2024
Valentine’s Day February 14 Jan 2, 2025 Dec 19, 2024
International Women’s Day March 8 Jan 26, 2025 Jan 12, 2025
Spring March 1 Jan 17, 2025 Jan 3, 2025



By initiating the campaign production well in advance, teams can review and sign off swiftly, ensuring a seamless buildup to their campaign launch.

Summary on key dates

For new Sampl clients, an 8-week lead time is recommended, providing the necessary runway for a successful campaign takeoff, so don’t wait on contacting our team today.

Connect with our team at (or book a call directly here) and express your interest in sampling campaigns for your key dates. Work with our expert team to craft the perfect targeted sampling campaign that aligns with your marketing strategy.

The countdown to success starts now.

About the author

Roland Spencer

Roland serves as the Head of Marketing at Sampl, a dynamic product sampling agency. Based in the vibrant city of Brighton, he brings extensive expertise in marketing and content development. With a passion for guiding tech businesses towards success. Roland thrives on crafting innovative marketing strategies and delivering exceptional results. When he’s not immersed in the world of marketing, you can often find him watching Formula E, playing football, gardening and cooking.

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