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How to run your first digital product sampling campaign: a quick guide

Posted on:
January 16, 2024

So you’ve decided to run your first digital product sampling campaign? Starting your first digital product sampling campaign is an exciting venture, and it requires clear planning to ensure success. Sampl are here to support you on your campaign journey, and you can reach out to us by:

  1. Contact our team at or by booking a call here.
  2. Express interest in launching your marketing campaign.
  3. Work with our expert team to build the perfect sampling campaign for your strategy.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps and strategies to execute a compelling digital sampling campaign that resonates with your target audience, so you know where to start, and where digital product sampling can take you.

Define your campaign objectives:

Before diving into the campaign, articulate clear and measurable objectives. Are you aiming to boost brand awareness, drive sales, or gather valuable consumer insights for a specific product? Understanding your goals will shape the rest of your campaign strategy, whether it’s through email journeys, coupon codes or wider media reach.

Know your audience:

Identifying your target audience is pivotal. Utilise your CRM data and consumer insights to create detailed buyer personas. Knowing who your audience is will enable you to tailor your sampling campaign for maximum impact.

This information is even more powerful when you work with Sampl, we can take this further, and ensure samples are allocated to your precise target audience, reducing wastage and increasing conversion.



Select the right platform:

Make sure you choose digital platforms that align with your target audience’s habits. Whether it’s social media, influencers, or a combination of channels, your platform selection should be strategic and based on where your audience is most active.

Sampl can build your multi channel media approach for you, we offer simple integration to our dashboard to keep all of your data and analytics in one easy to use location.

Collaborate with strategic media partners:

We always recommend considering forming partnerships with influencers, retailers, or publications relevant to your niche.

These collaborations can significantly extend your reach and lend credibility to your campaign, and future-proof your strategies as targeting and cookie-tracking become harder.

Craft a compelling message:

Your advertising message should resonate with your audience and clearly communicate the value of your product. Use persuasive language and focus on the unique selling points that set your product apart.


instagram nibbles fmcg add

Use targeted advertising:

Invest in targeted advertising to ensure your campaign reaches the right audience. Utilise demographics, interests, and online behaviour to refine your targeting and optimise ad spend.

Sampl can further this with SamplMatch, ensuring sample requests are filtered directly towards your target audience, and provide you with a list of media partners who can help you speak to hard to reach audiences.

Create a seamless sampling experience:

Make it easy for consumers to request samples, and make sure you’re offering the relevant sample types. Develop a user-friendly landing page or integrate the sampling experience into your existing website. A seamless process enhances user engagement.

Fulfilment and distribution should be initiated as soon after requests are received. There are multiple methods to provide samples, but we often recommend direct mail for targeted digital sampling. Sampl provides and manages a list of fulfilment houses across the globe to ensure your samples are delivered exactly as you want them, removing this concern from your teams. 

Campaign personalisation:

Tailor your campaign to individual preferences. Personalised experiences, such as customised product recommendations based on user behaviour, can significantly boost conversion rates.

Alongside this, you can also personalise landing pages and emails using basic merge tags. Sampl’s dashboard provides personalised emails and forms out of the box, but you can also find this support with tools like Mailchimp and Hubspot!


Monitor and analyse your sampling campaign:

Constantly monitor the performance of your campaign. Track metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and customer feedback. Use this data to make real-time adjustments and optimise your strategy.

Not only does the Sampl dashboard offer these capabilities, but we also utilise AI generated charts to allow you to cross reference metrics, creating multi-dimensional charts to assess your audience and impact.


charts and analytics of nibbles fmcg campaign

Measure campaign ROI:

Lastly, evaluate the return on investment (ROI) this may include comparing the costs of the campaign to metrics like your generated consumer reviews, opt-ins, coupon redemptions and new advocates. Using this analysis will guide future campaigns and help refine your approach.


Launching your first digital product sampling campaign can be a lot to think about. It requires a strategic approach and a deep understanding of your audience. By following these steps and continuously analysing your campaign’s performance, you’ll not only reach your immediate goals but also gather valuable insights for future product sampling campaigns. 

Ready to make your mark in the digital sampling arena? Reach out to our team via, or book a call here, to explore how we can help you craft a sampling campaign tailored to your brand’s objectives and target audience.

About the author

Roland Spencer

Roland serves as the Head of Marketing at Sampl, a dynamic product sampling agency. Based in the vibrant city of Brighton, he brings extensive expertise in marketing and content development. With a passion for guiding tech businesses towards success. Roland thrives on crafting innovative marketing strategies and delivering exceptional results. When he’s not immersed in the world of marketing, you can often find him watching Formula E, playing football, gardening and cooking.

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